Skin Care Products

Culinary Products

Moisturizes, hydrates
and softens skin.
Prevents damage caused
by dryness. Alleviates
chapping, cracking and
roughness due to
winter's cold
A deep golden oil, often
with a reddish tinge. It
is lighter in weight than
nut and olive oils,
having a weight and
body similar to seed
One of the world’s rarest oils and the
product of centuries of Moroccan
tradition, argan oil comes from the fruit
of the argan tree, which grows nowhere
else in the world.

Processed by the Amal Women’s
Co-operative, which won the 2001 Slow
Food Award in Porto, Portugal, argan oil
can be used in its different forms either
for body care or for culinary purposes.

*Mizyen’s natural argan oil products do
contain any other ingredients or
fragrances and are produced wholly by
organic cultivation, guaranteed by
By using Mizyen’s argan oil products, you participate
in the preservation of the centuries old argan trees,
as well as helping Morocco’s native women to help

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