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Arganique Body Care Oil
Arganet Gourmet Culinary Oil
Moisturizes and softens skin. Inhibits
damage caused by dryness. Protects skin
from chapping, cracking and roughness
due to weather.

Cleanses acne-prone skin. Very suitable
for massage.A wonderfully natural
make-up remover

An opulent golden oil, but not as heavy as nut
and olive oils. Although its weight and body
is similar to seed oils like sesame and
pumpkin, once you open the bottle,

you will know that this is where the
resemblance ends. Its full bodied aroma is a
hint of its flavor

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The argan tree is a very resistant tree
which can live from 150 to 200 years. It is
perfectly adapted to the aridity of the
South Western regions of Morocco. Its
roots grow deep in search of water and

help retain the soil, preventing erosion
and limiting the advance of the desert.

Argan Trees Play a vital role in
maintaining the ecological balance and
the economic situation of the population.
In 1999, UNESCO added the argan tree to
the World Heritage List.